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Chloe’s Prayer…

I was watching one GHANAIAN film recently and the story line was relationships, the things people do behind closed doors, SECRET lives of their partners, that kinda stuff and half way through the film, this young lady decided to pray to GOD about the kind of man she wanted! HILARIOUS… The thing that stood out to me in this prayer was how SUPERFICIAL her requirements were. I’m not saying I’m a relationship guru, but on a real, if your looking for a life-long partner, some one you can stay committed to and someone who will love and CHERISH you, would you seriously be worried about what car he drives…???
A while back, my mate, her cousin and I had a similar discussion about RELATIONSHIPS and why they fail, why there are so many BABYMOTHERS but not enough WIVES, too many BABYSHOWERS, not enough WEDDINGS… We came to the conclusion that young people these days have to totally BLINDSIDED!!! The way the world is now, young people are being swarmed with images of vanity, riches, a balling LIFESTYLE, which to be honest can only be lived if your names are JAY Z & BEYONCE. Lets be real, having seen how some celebs live you automatically begin to want that lifestyle and if that’s all you see you won’t know any better than to crave that lifestyle, you won’t see anything beyond a person than what they have or I own PHYSICALLY. Ladies, come on, I know everyone wants to be looked after well and provided for, and trust, there’s no shame in that, but have we become a society so WRAPPED up in superficial things that this has become the determinant of whether you commit your life to some or not???
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The Introduction…


Myself and a friend recently had a conversation out the infamous… relationships… we were just discussing how and why boys (not worthy to be called ‘men’ yet) do what they do to women and why woman ride or die with their guys regardless of how naive they are being treated. We went round in circles discussing different scenarios and the outcome of those scenarios, and to be honest, the conversation could of gone on for donkeys years, but we came to one conclusion, (in favour of the women) and that was that woman do not know themselves and their self worth.

I been reading a book my Myles Munroe called ‘Understanding The Purpose & Power Of A Woman’, it’s amazing, it’s definately one of the best books anyone has ever blessed me with (cheers Homie…lol), I haven’t been able to put it down since I started reading it. The book outlines the purpose of the creation Woman, it illustrates with reference to The Word; how we were created, why we were created and what we are suppose to do. Over the next couple of entries, i jut want to outline some quotations that stood out to me and hopefully with me spreading this knowledge will also bless somebody.

If you do not know how something is meant to function, you would misuse and abuse it
The book constantly refers to this idea. If for example, you bought a car and did not know how to drive, no doubt, you would misuse the car because you do not know how to operate it. Therefore abusing the car because you are not using it the way it should be used. This focus applies to all areas of our lives, especially in relationships. Boys, do not understand women, they do not understand how we function or how we are supposed to function and therefore they misuse us and abuse us.

Some women are confused about what a woman should be and how she should conduct herself because they’re not sure what a woman is suppose to be responsible for
Some women nowadays find themselves in many random situations due to the way they conduct themselves. Prime example, my mother and I were walking down Harlesden High Street and came across two girls wear batty-riders and backless tops, if you know anything about highly ethnic populated areas, we all know the goons in these areas are ready to snatch anything being offered to them. The way you conduct yourself in these areas will solely identify how you are going to end up, they way you conduct yourself gives others an idea to the kind of person you are, if your walking on the street looking ‘easy’ in your clothing, any boy who approaches you will have an ‘easy’ impression of you and they would have already generated an idea of how they are going to treat you. First Impressions  = Lasting Impressions.

Women are misunderstood, held back from fulfilling their potential and abused
Since the beginning of mankind, women have been held back for doing what they are called to do. This could be in their relationships, at work, anywhere. It boils down to a number of factors, which hopefully we can all identify within ourselves and work on, so we will be heard.

Women (and men) must gain new perspectives of themselves, since women have largely developed their self concepts from cultural traditions shaped by men who do not understand females
Those of us from direct African decent can largely identify with this point. ‘Back home’ our families totally evolve around the men in our households. The moment he walks through the door the children fetch his house shoes and his newspaper or him, his wife has his dinner hot and ready, after he grabs the remote control, the children leave the living room, and its his choice for the rest of the night.  Households like these tend to lack in communication, the husband is left on a pedal stool, and he highly takes advantage of it, this to some extent brings fear  into the family and does not allow them to bond. With this sort of upbringing our parents are telling us that men and women are not equal, the man needs to be at the head of everything and the controller, but in actual fact this is not true. With these values instilled in us, woman then to disregard themselves and belittle themselves to pleasure the man. The understanding of females is lost.

It is not so much what a woman does, as to who she is, and the implications of who she is. When we come to know who a woman is, than the roles that she takes on in life – whether she is a homemaker, a prime minister or a businesswoman – will be seen in an entirely new light, and the conflicts between women and men can begin to resolve