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The One…

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You know very well, who you are, you’re the only one, you have my heart… And I don’t need no one baby, without you I’m incomplete, our love is just like the bar, put it all in me…
It’s so amazing when two people decide to commit themselves to eachother… Love & Relationship is such a GOD-TRAIT… Over the last couple of months I’ve had so many marriage invitations, people are welcoming babies to their families and I’m really enjoying all this LOVE. It’s amazing how you feel when someone decides to take care if you, they have your best interests at heart, they want you well, healthy, you become their PRIORITY, it’s a beautiful feeling and we all DESERVE it!!! That’s what we here for, why it’s such a welcomed feeling and one we all, whether we acknowledge it or not, CRAVE for… There’s nothing wrong with being loved, it’s built in us. God loved us first, He showed us how to love and it’s innate that we keep on loving!!! I believe everyone will feel complete, feel like they have a purpose once they discover what it is to give and receive love.
But I believe that now, the reason relationships are going wrong, and why there’s so much anxiety surrounding love is because people are scared of being in that VULNERABLE state. Check this situation out, you’re a female and you’ve been approached by someone you see round the way in a regular basis, this guy is now telling you how he’s been watching you for a while, really likes what your about and wants to get to know you… Most ladies may find this a bit creepy, but this guy is really being genuine and wants to do just that – get to know you… This day in age it’s quite rare for a guy to approach a girl in this manner, in my personal experience guys feel they are doing ladies a favor by being with them, they MISTREAT ladies and take total advantage by playing into their EMOTIONS, because of this some ladies become closed and put up a guard which makes it harder for the next guy to really get to know them, which is a shame because that next guy could possibly hold all the traits she is looking for. Because of the ex, the lady is now in a fear state seeing all GUYS as the same and therefore not allowing herself to be vulnerable. Ladies I’m sure we’re all familiar with the saying ‘you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince..’ – We need to understand that every experience and relationship we go through is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and ESTABLISH what we will and will not tolerate. They are opportunities to feather out what you really want in a partner and how we want them to make us feel, there’s no point going into a situation blindsided and without experience or purpose, you’ll set yourself up for failure and DISAPPOINTMENT. I have to admit, I’ve been victim of this so many times, but now I know exactly what I want and because I’ve made myself immune to the BS I can recognise the good stuff when I see it.
Also this fear of love and fear if vulnerability can come from never experiencing LOVE. You know they say that your childhood stays with you forever, whatever you learn, see and experience as a child molds you and haunts you in your adult life. Sometimes our feelings and a PERCEPTION about certain things derives from what we’ve been exposed to as children and this can become hard to shake because they become EMBEDDED in us. If these are negative associations, lets allow our adult experiences and opportunities to teach us that we may be seeing it all WRONG. This can CHANGE, ideas can CHANGE and how we feel towards live and anything else for that matter can CHANGE.
So today, I want to ENCOURAGE ladies and GENTLEMEN to stay open-minded in all relationships, once you know what you’re looking for it will not be hard for you to FIND it. Understand that every EXPERIENCE you go through is a LEARNING CURVE and really take from it an understanding of SELF! Everyone deserves LOVE, whether you are giving it or receiving it, give someone the opportunity to get to know you for who you are, the things you think LEAST about yourself will be the things that make you AMAZING to somebody else.