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It’s Your Birthday…


“Go shawty, it’s your birthday…

Well I’m sure is someone’s birthday but even if it isn’t yours I want you to adapt the ‘its my birthday’ attitude… Lol… This mornings workout is just simply to encourage you to stay POSITIVE and look forward to the good things ahead. For most people, including myself, a BIRTHDAY marks a new beginning, another chance, an opportunity to do something you’ve never done before. It’s a STAMP for a beginning of a new chapter… But why should we only get this opportunity, this chance once a year… Everyday should be a new chapter… In itself a new day is a blessing, not everybody woke up this morning, we learn that tomorrow isn’t PROMISED so if you’ve been privileged to wake up this morning why not live it like your last!!! Do something new, strike up a conversation which that person that gets on your train everyday, wear that dress or shirt you’ve been saving for that special occasion, go to that restaurant you’ve been eyeing up for the past week, approach that person you fancy and EMBRACE everything that the day brings…!!!! This birthday spirit is solely about positive vibes and embracing self… So even if it isn’t your birthday why not let it be, just for today… ” – ENJOY