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Chloe’s Prayer…

I was watching one GHANAIAN film recently and the story line was relationships, the things people do behind closed doors, SECRET lives of their partners, that kinda stuff and half way through the film, this young lady decided to pray to GOD about the kind of man she wanted! HILARIOUS… The thing that stood out to me in this prayer was how SUPERFICIAL her requirements were. I’m not saying I’m a relationship guru, but on a real, if your looking for a life-long partner, some one you can stay committed to and someone who will love and CHERISH you, would you seriously be worried about what car he drives…???
A while back, my mate, her cousin and I had a similar discussion about RELATIONSHIPS and why they fail, why there are so many BABYMOTHERS but not enough WIVES, too many BABYSHOWERS, not enough WEDDINGS… We came to the conclusion that young people these days have to totally BLINDSIDED!!! The way the world is now, young people are being swarmed with images of vanity, riches, a balling LIFESTYLE, which to be honest can only be lived if your names are JAY Z & BEYONCE. Lets be real, having seen how some celebs live you automatically begin to want that lifestyle and if that’s all you see you won’t know any better than to crave that lifestyle, you won’t see anything beyond a person than what they have or I own PHYSICALLY. Ladies, come on, I know everyone wants to be looked after well and provided for, and trust, there’s no shame in that, but have we become a society so WRAPPED up in superficial things that this has become the determinant of whether you commit your life to some or not???
Check out the clip…