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She Bad Bad…

Hey Lovlies

Hope all is well…

Well well well, as usual my week has been hectic, galavanting left right and center doing stuff, finally found a minute to put pen to paper! I was reading a daily devotional by JOYCE MEYER the other day and it really hit the spot for me.  I recently had a bust up with someone I had known since I was 11 (I’m now 26). We weren’t the best of FRIENDS, but we always had a good time when we met up and we spoke deep about certain situations, so I thought we were on a MUTUAL level. Well, I wont go into details in what the bust up was about, but the situation ended with us basically not speaking or hanging out as much. I was kinda surprised at her reaction after the situation because I was still open to carry on as usual but she took a step back… Anyway, I learnt a great deal from the situation and the one thing that stood out to me was how important being HONEST and TRUTHFUL is.

In Joyce Meyer’s DEVOTIONAL piece she talked about being honest and open with the people around you, she said that the reason people respected her so much as because she didn’t build fake impression about the kind of person she was, if she was going through a tough time people knew, if she had done something wrong, SINNED, people knew, through her joys and mishaps she was not afraid to let people know, and I really RESPECTED that!!! In my situation, I made a mistake and was open to express that you my mate, when we were having the bust up, I let her know all this, there was another person involved who lied their way through, to be FRANK that absolutely PISSED me off, I cant stand liars!!! And to top it of my mate thought I was the one telling porky-pies, and sided with the other person. I remember getting opinions from some of my male and female friends and they more or less said the same thing; if you’ve told the truth, you have nothing to worry about, its the liars who will have to deal with the guilt in their conscience… – That just made so much sense, and it was so true!!!

So my message this MONDAY MORNING is to keep it 100!!! Liars are not respected, those who are open and not afraid to admit their flaws are. I chose this song for our Monday Morning Workout because it just highlighted being confident with what you got, we’re all bad-asses in our own right and that’s what makes us INDIVIDUAL and UNIQUE. Lying and pretending to be something you are not will just cause you STRESS, and to top it off, no one will ever get to witness your value if you pretend to be something you are not.