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Get On The Bus…

Get On The Bus

Ummmm… Better catch a cab, get on the bus…!!!

Ok, so at my tender age of 20 & some change, you know I’ve had my experiences (some I’d rather forget) with the opposite sex. I was just sitting down the other day and thinking about my previous’ relationships and the nonsense us females have to deal with… Fast forward because I don’t have time to go through all the issues but I realised that a lot of the time people, no actually FEMALES get taken advantage of in relationships and this because they don’t understand their SELF-WORTH! It’s extremely important to KNOW YOUR PLACE in any situation especially those of relationships because if not you can easily be taken ADVANTAGE of and misused, and trust me you will not know what hit you once your situation had gone sour. Not understanding your place sets you up for HURT, you begin to feel like you FAILED, like you’ve just become someones past time, of no PURPOSE and disappointed! During my younger days, when I first started dating I didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted out of my relationships, I didn’t know what I was BRINGING to my relationships, I didn’t know what kind of person I wanted to date or why I even wanted to date them… These were all messed up relationships, they brought NO GROWTH, nothing but stress the feeling if disappointment and REJECTION… It’s a hard place to be at when you’re new, inexperienced and IMMATURE. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in growing up is how important it is to know what you want and STICK TO YOUR GUNS, it keeps you STRONG minded, it gives you AMMUNITION when you have to defend yourself, it allows you not fall in the face of ADVERSITY and most importantly, it gives you MORALS (one thing most people lack today), benchmarking how much BULLSHIT you are willing to take!!!

So if your not sure and confused about what you want, don’t venture into the path of the unknown… Understand your needs and aim to meet them… If you end up in a place where you can’t be yourself or you feel like your not gaining what you desire, tell the person to get on the bus cos ain’t nobody got time for that… Lol…


Guys, This One Is For You…

I was catching up with one of my favourite blogs and came across an entry called ‘Dating A Lady From The Metropolitan’. I was actually kinda intrigued when I saw it because it fit in so well with the festivities of this year. From January until now, I have heard and witnessed so many marriages and babies being born that one can sometimes feel left behind. This article stood out to me because, even though us woman get brody over these occasions, wish ourselves the same thing and in some occasions start hinting to our significant others, we forget that it actually does take two and we kind of disregard the ‘man’ in the equation. We somethings think that we are the only ones that want anything out of a relationship, we forget that sometimes, just sometimes, the guys go through this as well.

Well guys, here’s an excerpt from the article…

“…when you’re out with the boys you can be as flashy and outlandish as you like. However when you are out on a date it is important to have some reverence and class. Here are a few tips to get you through the night:

Women tend to care less about what you are wearing on the first date; they are probably more interested in getting to know you. Nevertheless, you still have to look good…” – Eraux-Jasique

The article addresses factors from a fashion perspective which will help you feel confident within yourself when approaching a female you like and when you’re going for that dreaded first date. Read the rest of the article at: