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I Know Your Secret…


So… A while back some mates of mine told me about a book which called THE SECRET… I understood it to be very popular and from what I had seen online there was also a film based on it. So I picked up the book and read I within a few days. The book FOCUS’ on our attitude towards the world and how we perceive ourselves, it’s main purpose is to teach us to understand that our world and what we go through in life is DETERMINED my our MINDS and our THOUGHTS… ‘You have to speak you life into existence’… The author stated that whatever we want to BE, whatever we want to ACHIEVE, our EXPERIENCES or want to PRODUCE, we have to physically say it, believe and live our life as if you already have it. While hoping for OURSELVES you should spread love in all ways possible, no matter how big or how small the gesture, in all you do do with love, unselfishness and with a GRATEFUL heart. I think that’s deep!

Deep because I’m a CHRISTIAN, I believe in God, I believe GOD IS LOVE. Reading the book I noticed so many similarities between The Secret and the principles I read about in my Bible. Change your thoughts and change your world – RENEW YOUR MIND. The Bible tells us that we are made in God’s image and that we must have faith in all we do, this starts with the way we think about ourselves. As individuals we need to understand that we are CAPABLE of it all, whatever you can dream, you can achieve… Your dream along with a little bit of faith and belief is incomprehensible…

The Secret also spoke about vocalising and COMMUNICATING to the universe the things you want out of life. I believe that the universe represents God, but this can vary depending on your personal beliefs. As a Christian I communicate to God through PRAYER, I let Him know my thoughts and feelings, my dreams and ASPIRATIONS, this conversation is done through out the day and as a say the words I believe that they will come to pass…

God is Love! That’s MAJOR! The Secret spoke about spreading love in all ways possible, this starts with your attitude, loving yourself REFLECTS on how you treat others. The Bible teaches us to love our neighbours and in all things we do we should go with love. The same principle was reflected in The Secret, it’s amazing how science has proven what God has been teaching us all this TIME. And the surprising thing is, is that both elements agree on the most basic principles, methods which are FREE to us all and need no teaching; WE just simply need to understand what you want out if this life, ASK for it and BELIEVE we will RECIEVE it.