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Lil’ Girl vs Lil’ Wayne…

I just came across this and I have to share.

A group of sisters from somewhere in the US has recording a rap song attacking Lil’ Wayne for his songs and his lifestyle. Its amazing how these young girls instead of whipping their hair are making songs which make us think about the kind of music we accept today. I’m not a fan of Lil’ Wayne for various reasons and I must say these young ladies have outlined maybe some of my concerns about his music, not just him but a lot of the artists we look up to also. It’s amazing how in society we accept music which suppress women, label them all kinds of things but what they really are and illustrates them in a very negative light, these are the songs that we’re making top ten hits, sometimes, I wonder… It’s up to us as a people to change things and I’m glad that the new generation are seeing that our current acceptable values are not appropriate and are doing something to bring about change, they are addressing themselves as queens, lets all take a leap out of their book and start realising our worth…

Watch the video below and let me know what you think.

The Lyrics – Watoto From The Nile: Letter To Lil’ Wayne

Verse 1
This is message is to Mr. Wayne, I’m sorry plus I must complain
About what you do and what you say. I’m sorry that I feel this way
And I’m a girl that’s only 10, but for my sisters I must represent.

How old are you? I know you’re 20-something. Excuse me for the interruption.
I guess that means that you’re a man, but something I can’t understand.
The way you talk, the way you act. I hate when you be doing that.
And people say ‘ say No to drugs, so tell me sir, who should I trust?’
You or them. Are you promoting something? It’s time our people stop the fronting.

Single, a lack of single. You lack knowledge, information inspiration and you’re single. And then you start cursing, they make it even worse when, they play it with the radio version.

Make it sound like Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, AYE! Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, AYE! Why Every other word This song is disturbing, please Mr. Wayne can you stop all the hurting?

Verse 2
Peace, I hope you’re doing fine
I’m one year and the age of nine and I’m divine
Got my life’s purpose
My people I devote my service
My daddy told me I’m a queen, but you call women other things
It makes me mad, I can’t pretend
Sir, don’t call me out my name again.
And don’t you think it’s kind of mean to disrespect a royal queen?
We come from greatness, we come from love
Be like Steve Harvey-show ya love
I hear you got a little girl, does she get the same referral?
You call the world, not trying to lean, I hope you call her little queen.


Verse 3
KRS and Lauryn Hill..Props go out to Philly Jill, India Arie and Ms.Badu
Some people just to name a few
These people mean a lot to me, they feel me up with energy
They make my soul feel complete, I love that Public Enemy
Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder music that will make you wanna
Clap your hands and stomp you’re feet, they make you jump out your sit
Mr. Wayne we bout to close this letter, I hope that we can work together
And help our people, that’s what we need
One Love, forget the green



The Introduction…


Myself and a friend recently had a conversation out the infamous… relationships… we were just discussing how and why boys (not worthy to be called ‘men’ yet) do what they do to women and why woman ride or die with their guys regardless of how naive they are being treated. We went round in circles discussing different scenarios and the outcome of those scenarios, and to be honest, the conversation could of gone on for donkeys years, but we came to one conclusion, (in favour of the women) and that was that woman do not know themselves and their self worth.

I been reading a book my Myles Munroe called ‘Understanding The Purpose & Power Of A Woman’, it’s amazing, it’s definately one of the best books anyone has ever blessed me with (cheers Homie…lol), I haven’t been able to put it down since I started reading it. The book outlines the purpose of the creation Woman, it illustrates with reference to The Word; how we were created, why we were created and what we are suppose to do. Over the next couple of entries, i jut want to outline some quotations that stood out to me and hopefully with me spreading this knowledge will also bless somebody.

If you do not know how something is meant to function, you would misuse and abuse it
The book constantly refers to this idea. If for example, you bought a car and did not know how to drive, no doubt, you would misuse the car because you do not know how to operate it. Therefore abusing the car because you are not using it the way it should be used. This focus applies to all areas of our lives, especially in relationships. Boys, do not understand women, they do not understand how we function or how we are supposed to function and therefore they misuse us and abuse us.

Some women are confused about what a woman should be and how she should conduct herself because they’re not sure what a woman is suppose to be responsible for
Some women nowadays find themselves in many random situations due to the way they conduct themselves. Prime example, my mother and I were walking down Harlesden High Street and came across two girls wear batty-riders and backless tops, if you know anything about highly ethnic populated areas, we all know the goons in these areas are ready to snatch anything being offered to them. The way you conduct yourself in these areas will solely identify how you are going to end up, they way you conduct yourself gives others an idea to the kind of person you are, if your walking on the street looking ‘easy’ in your clothing, any boy who approaches you will have an ‘easy’ impression of you and they would have already generated an idea of how they are going to treat you. First Impressions  = Lasting Impressions.

Women are misunderstood, held back from fulfilling their potential and abused
Since the beginning of mankind, women have been held back for doing what they are called to do. This could be in their relationships, at work, anywhere. It boils down to a number of factors, which hopefully we can all identify within ourselves and work on, so we will be heard.

Women (and men) must gain new perspectives of themselves, since women have largely developed their self concepts from cultural traditions shaped by men who do not understand females
Those of us from direct African decent can largely identify with this point. ‘Back home’ our families totally evolve around the men in our households. The moment he walks through the door the children fetch his house shoes and his newspaper or him, his wife has his dinner hot and ready, after he grabs the remote control, the children leave the living room, and its his choice for the rest of the night.  Households like these tend to lack in communication, the husband is left on a pedal stool, and he highly takes advantage of it, this to some extent brings fear  into the family and does not allow them to bond. With this sort of upbringing our parents are telling us that men and women are not equal, the man needs to be at the head of everything and the controller, but in actual fact this is not true. With these values instilled in us, woman then to disregard themselves and belittle themselves to pleasure the man. The understanding of females is lost.

It is not so much what a woman does, as to who she is, and the implications of who she is. When we come to know who a woman is, than the roles that she takes on in life – whether she is a homemaker, a prime minister or a businesswoman – will be seen in an entirely new light, and the conflicts between women and men can begin to resolve



Good Girl Gone Bad?


I’ve come across numerous clip online about celebrities being possessed by evil spirits and processes are being illustrated to us through their music video. You may of heard me mention the Beyonce/Sacha Fierce scenario, but I’ve now come across one on Rihanna. After watching “The Truth About Hip-Hop” DVD I kinda took a new look into what type of music I listened to and how that defined me. Personally, im not insecure to the level that I feel I have to do what an artist tells me in their music, or try and live up to the lifestyle they portray in the media so I took into consideration what was being said but I didnt react frantically about it. There were many mixed views about that DVD also, someone told me it was probably some sold out Pastor still trying to make a buck, but hey, each to their own. Now I have been exposed to this Rihanna DVD and I dunno if im starting to get worried or what, but it really is food for thought…

Well please, watch the clips below and let me know what you think…

Beyonce/Sacha Fierce Possession

Rihanna – Umbrella Secret Message