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{Open Diary} I Heart Her…

“Step back and put on your stunners cos these ladies are about to shine”

I had kind of, in my head dedicated this week to my SPECIAL friends. The idea came after spending some time with someone who I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a long while, and that moment just ENCOURAGED me to consider the people who in my life actually meant something to me and COMPLIMENTED the person I am. CONFIRMATION for this idea was hitting me all week, I would randomly see quotes or articles which related to friendships and I got word of something which really TUGGED at the strings in my heart.

My DEFINITION of a friend is someone who is there or you at all times, their presence and support can not be replicated, just seeing them in the distance automatically BOOSTS your CONFIDENCE, their words are encouraging whether positive or negative and they tell it like it is all the time. I friend would never stab you in the back because they are PROTECTING you from the front. I don’t have many of these in my life, but the ones I do have, I TREASURE, because they have shown me things that have aidded me in becoming the person I am today, they have given me the opportunity to BLOSSOM and grow spiritually and mentally while being there every step of the way pushing me towards my PARAMOUNT. They will never betray you regardless of the circumstance they’re in; they don’t let things happen without analysing what effect will could have on you.

Here’s a little something on my top 3 selected, minus 1…

This is about a lady of virtue I grew up with, we were separated for almost 10 years, but when we found each other, it was on!!! I have to be honest, we don’t talk or see each other as much as we would like to; due to the stresses of life, but there’s a mutual respect there, a mutual understand, an unwritten law, and we know that deep down, if worst was to come to worst, we know we’re riding for each other. I seen this lady go through some bits and bobs and I love her so much because she has overcome gracefully. She is an inspiration. She delivers a smile, one that the moment you witness your heart begins to melt and love is spread. Her smile is her gateway to happiness, it’s a true reflection of how she feels inside because, (I ain’t gonna lie), she’s a tough cookie, so when smiling, its the truth, it’s genuine. She teaches me that I should say what I mean, I should strive and keep on pushing because at the end of the day, everything boils down to me. She knows she’s valued and she understands that it’s not the people around her that can bring her joy, she’s strong minded and highly opinionated with elegance and poise. She’s beautiful inside and out, her beauty lingers after she’s left a room – not her physical beauty, but rather the innate graces, elegance, the unspeakable levels that have been gifted to her, the ones that give her her identity, they can not be replicated. but are definitly admired.

This next lady is someone I met later in life, and to be honest, it couldn’t be at a more perfect time. She reminds me of my mum because of her charisma and her patience, this lady really has taught me patience. I love her because people mistake her kindness for weakness, but she never lets that effect her because she knows her worth, she knows she was created for a purpose and she has dreams to make come true, as she would say “i don’t have time for this”. It’s amazing because someone so calm can be so powerful in her few words and actions. The future is going to be far more than she imagined because she’s humble. She’s an inspiration because she has taught me that other people words shouldn’t effect me personally, but they should be boosters for me to do greater or they become indicators of charactors I don’t need to be around. She speaks truth and wisdom beyond her years and like my other friend, she carries God’s grace effortlessly.

I know that these ladies where put into my life for a specific reason that only God knows, and I too, the same for them. You will ever know when you are truly going to need someone, and you may not realise but you are always learning and growing so surround yourself with people who add to you and treasure them. Each day we should take heed and notice the positive elements in our lives and encourage that kind of energy, more of it is needed for us to become better people. As for the negative, don’t disregard it, learn, adapt, make a mental note and move on!!