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“We gon’ put pepper in your eye, we shall score you…”



Ghana Vs England was fabolous..!!! This is coming from someone who has no INTEREST, what so ever in football, I leave the room when people are watching it, but this time I decided to go and support my COUNTRY cos according to my stepdad, this game was a once in a lifetime OPPORTUNITY, and trust me, after being there and experiencing it, I have no REMORSE in loosing thirty pound sterling in this so-called recession…





First of all I have to rate the drunk man sitting behind us, who had the most ENERGY through out the game, he was hype on trying to get people to chant ‘we go put pepper in your eye, we shall score you, you will see..’ – that was definitely the way FORWARD and the fact that we were losing 1-0 all the way to the 89th minute, his energy levels were GANGSTA, but I don’t rate how he was shouting in my ear and throwing his flag over my face… But you know what, it’s all in the spirit of FOOTBALL, and it just goes to show how Ghanaians are, we keep it real, and the game is not never over until ASAMOAH GYAN says so… ya get me….. LMAO….





One of the greatest things about this occasion, other than the fact that it was an AFRICAN country verses a EUROPEAN country in WEMBLEY STADIUM, was the fact that there was so much UNITY..!!! I loved it, I remember waiting for a friend outside and we were just watching people come past and the amount of non-Ghanaians entering through the Ghana (away) side was EPIC, I even saw a Jamaican flag. This takes me back to the world cup when we were in pubs and local bars watching the GHANA games and the amount of support from our non-African, non-black counterparts was only a GOD-send. It’s amazing how something so simple as football can bring together people from all walks of life and people whom have never even experienced a strong CULTURE other than their own. But that just goes to show that we are all the same, we can all relate to similar things and our BACKGROUNDS or our HERITAGE shouldn’t separate us but rather bring us TOGETHER.

The turnout of the entire event was just over 80,000 people. According to reports the Ghana (away) seats sold out in record time and in total they sold over 21,000… WOW… If that’s not God, what is…?



Pride is not always a good thing, but in this case I have to plead the 5th. I remember when I was young in primary and secondary school, and us blacks, or should I say AFRICANS, have been some what ashamed of being African and when asked where we were from we would say we were born in ENGLAND. Mate, those days are definitely over… AMEN O… God Is God… The match was an opportunity for Ghanaians and to let the world know that they had officially ARRIVED. There were so many young people wearing TRADITIONAL clothes and repping the country COLOURS (myself and co included). I heard TWI, GA and EWE all in the same vicinity and it was great stuff. That day was a day to be Ghanaian and proud and I know for a fact that this is just the BEGINNING. It’s amazing how people ACCEPT each other more when we can find something in common, and what was funny was that there wasn’t just black rating Ghana and being proud, but also there were so many Caucasian people and ASIANS people, it was so BEAUTIFUL and you could see the pride on their faces.


I know it felt like Ghana actually WON the game, after Ghana scored, the drunk guy behind us was letting everyone know by FORCE that a goal for an away team counted for TWO, only this guy, it was a funny STATEMENT, but it just clarified the fact that us equalising was just as RELEVANT as us winning the game. When Gyan scored that equalising goal, the Ghanaian side of the pitch was REJOICING so hard that we didn’t even realise the game was over and that the English side had LEFT!! I must say that even after our attempts to score, we still rejoiced like we had scored and the motivation and encouragement from the crowd was like nothing ever seen before, the flags of RED, Gold & GREEN were waving triumphantly and non-stop through out the entire game. GOD BLESS MY HOMELAND GHANA…




This definitely goes out to the Ghanaian ball players and for their PERSISTENCE and DETERMINATION. They had a dream and I know their dreams all came true. I didn’t have the experience of living in Ghana for long, (lived there till I was 4), but I know what life there is like. Traditional PARENTS do not see playing sport as a reasonable PROFESSION, they would rather you work as a BANKER, LAWYER or DOCTOR because it showed you had class, money and that it meant you could support your IMMEDIATE and EXTENDED family. So my hat goes of to all the players on the pitch, in the stands and the ones that didn’t make it because, if it was not or their dreams, ambitions, persistence and drive the rest of us would not have these experiences.  From the WORLD CUP to this is amazing, the players kept their head up and didn’t lose faith, I’m not gonna lie cos they were not playing to their PEAK but I really RESPECT the way their kept on pushing and all it took was my man of the match ASAMOAH GYAN to score that one goal in the MIDNIGHT hour. This is a message for the young children also, you really CAN DO ANYTHING you put your mind to and gain maximum RESPECT.









England Vs Ghana…

This is just an intro to a post I’m going to put up later on today… I went to the game, it was great, and I’m not even a football fan, it was a wonderful experience which I think everyone should have of having. Other than it being just a friendly match, there were so many more life lessons to be learnt, which I will go into detail about later… So stay tuned..!!!