Monday Morning Workout…


This weeks workout song goes with no saying, it speaks for itself…

I had never heard this song until recently when some friends and myself were hanging out. The girl who made me listen to this song had the personality to suit. We have a lot of in depth conversations and from getting to know her I realized how strong willed she was, doesn’t accept bullshit and understands that she’s “worth” it! Lol… Her personality fits this song to a T because its motivating us to keep reaching and achieving and no being held back…

So the MESSAGE I want to relay to you all is to never stop what your doing for self on other peoples ACCORD, keep moving and pursuing your dreams, goals and ASPIRATIONS because no one can stop you! Everything you want an need out of this life is on your BACK and no body has the right to take what’s yours away from you. Keep it moving. We live in a society where we’re fed with illustrations of what we should be, we have celebrity lifestyles thrown in our faces on a daily basis and to some EXTENT these can be inspirational for us but sometimes we have to inspire ourselves and understand that WHATEVER our minds can conceive, as beings, we can achieve! I find myself having to reiterate this message on a daily basis to all different kinds of people and that just goes to show that we as individuals STRUGGLE with so many common issues, but what we fail to realize as individuals is that individually we have why it takes to keep ourselves moving and achieving!


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