It’s Ridiculous…!!!!


It’s almost half way through the year 2013 and I haven’t blogged a DAMN word!!! Sorry mate…

Anywhoo, I’m blogging today… Hope all is well…

Just felt to share a little message in regards to something I’ve been noticing this last couple of months. I’ve joined INSTAGRAM, follow me ‘@Margaretta_Allotey‘.. and you know how it goes, you start following people and get a glimpse of their lives, and its all good because its nice to SEE THE WORLD through other people’s eyes, but I’ve been coming across a few RANDOM pages, mainly from the ladies, and the things people are putting out these days is highly QUESTIONABLE… From half naked pictures to relationship status’s, to what you bought from ZARA yesterday, like I said its all good, its a free country but these ladies are the first to complain or make statements like ‘Haters Gonna Hate‘ or ‘Why Is Everyone All Up In My Business’… Erm, why do you think so.. People that expose themselves like that have no right to be talking slack out others talking about them if they are going to come on social network sites and expose themselves on some RIDICULOUS levels… I’ve said this once and I’m going to say it again, I do not have a problem with SOCIAL MEDIA, its all good to me but I know there’s some people out there who are going to say I’m ‘hating’, but lets keep it real, people make ASSUMPTIONS on each other based on what they see, so if your going to be exposing yourself inappropriately on all levels and them people decide to talk negatively about you, what would you expect, what they are saying is based on what you’ve shown them…

Say No More…

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