Continue Your Journey This Way…


He guys and girls…

Hope all is well with you…

I know it’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I last BLOGGED… And to be honest no excuse is good enough but I have to say that there are a few reasons for this, had some unexpected responsibilities crop up which took my attention and time DRAMATICALLY… But I’m glad to say that I’m back to my old business’s and down to keep it MOVING… (K.I.M.)

One of the major events to happen to me recently was finally getting a place of my OWN… I’m saying ‘finally’ like I been looking, but in actual fact, I wasn’t, God just DECIDED to bless me, shock at first, but now I’m extremely grateful. I got a new full time position at work… It was my mum’s 50th (even though she looks 30)… And my cousin dearest got MARRIED – it wasn’t my day but I swear it was the happiest day of my life!!! We had the date from he beginning of the month, but for some reason we didn’t start organizing from the end of June…. RUSH WEDDING… LOL!

So these last few months have been a bit hectic but they are all new beginnings for me. In this journey called life, we get placed in UNEXPECTED positions and we find our selves wondering how or why it happens and try some how to make sense of the situation. But these past few months have shown me that most times when you don’t expect something to happen, it becomes an opportunity for you to get something right and establish a NEW BEGINNING for yourself, in whatever area it may effect in your life. The flat was unexpected, but somehow God made provisions for me to me to do up the place, work full time, organize a wedding and still have fun and K.I.M…!

The best way to gain positive outcomes from whatever life throws at you is to stay positive through your trials. That way you’ll win every time! It allows you to face life with OPTIMISM, nothing can get you down because you’ve see the BENEFITS of the STRUGGLE rather than wasting ENERGY on the things you can’t change. The things you focus on are the things that MANIFEST in your life – LAW OF ATTRACTION. Through all my changes I just said to myself that it was all for good, I looked at each stage as an opportunity to develop and gain something better. I’m not saying that it was all smooth sailing, but after the whole transition, I realized that without the hard/bad parts, I couldn’t appreciate the good! Life is a journey, and journeys consist of FORWARD movement, if your life ain’t moving forward.. Houston, we have a problem…!

YOUR journey with positive strides…


Naa Adoley

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