Monday Morning Workout…

Hey guys, hope all is well… I’m so sorry for the unplanned hiatus, but God willing, I’m definitely back!!!

Quick message and motivation to accompany my morning/afternoon workout, just wanna encourage everyone to stay true and FOCUSED on what they’ve decided to pursue. I believe in all things you do, you should do with LOVE. I feel that even though I’m in a position where I don’t wanna be CAREER-wise, its the right POSITION for me to be in at this time in order to make my DREAM today a reality TOMORROW.

Recently I’ve been working like a dog for personal reasons and also to pay bills, and sometimes you wonder whether or not it’s all worth it, and you know what… IT IS..! Through traveling, learning and finding myself, I’ve come to realise that everything I’m doing now is for my benefit, nowadays I don’t CO-SIGN on things which will not benefit me in the LONG run. I’m not being selfish in that RESPECT, because I know is someone asks you for help, you should try your best to help them out, what I mean is that if I do something, I want to do it so well that in the long run I reap the benefits, whether it be establishing GREAT and PROSPEROUS relationships, MONETARY benefits and in some cases even EMOTIONAL benefits. And how will I do that I hear you say… THROUGH LOVE…
The bible tells us that when we do things, we should do it ‘with love‘. This is not because us believers are stupid and gullible… LOL… It’s because when you do something out of pure KINDNESS, to the BEST of your ABILITY, with a OPEN-MIND and without regret or doubt, you put yourself in a position where you gain unquestionable FAVOUR and thus, provisions are made for you… IJN.

I know this is totally off the subject, but I really wanted to share this song… I thought I’d kick-start my return to the Workout Sessions with a song my cousin in GHANA brought me into. I didn’t know Sway was going on like that, but we thank GOD cos its a very big tune and extremely catchy. It has a bit of a funky beat, fused with some AFRO-BEAT flows, great morning/afternoon motivator…. ENJOY

*IJN – In Jesus’s Name

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