Nneɛma Nketewa Na ɛma Medɔ Wo…


Hey guys, hope you’re all doing good..

Today is officially the day of LOVE and spreading love…

Even though is today is a great day and I totally love the idea of showing love, it got me thinking on how funny it is that nowadays society wants to dictate things for us, like how we FEEL, how we TREAT each other and what we should be doing in general…??? We’ve been told when to CELEBRATE Black History (October, UK), when to celebrate our mothers (March), our fathers (June) and even to APPRECIATE and remember Baby Jesus (December) !!!

I think it’s great how we have a day DEDICATED to spreading love, and trust me, I am down for the cause, but I just want to remind everyone that our emotions and how we feel about each other should be expressed accordingling and when we want to express them and in the manner we chose to do this. I believe that if you TRUELY love someone or strongly care about a person, you will automatically express it when you feel to… Right…? There shouldn’t be an ASSIGNED day or way to do it, and quite frankly, if I need to purchase a card from CLINTONS, am I expressing my true passion for someone or am I just blending in with the norm. Throughout life I’ve realised that anything positive, important thing, something which holds any kind of special TIES with your heart and emotions deserves you in the same regard you CHERISH them. If I m passionate about SINGING, I dedicate my time and all my efforts into singing, if I’m passionate about my CAREER, I dedicate every waking day to perfect in it, if I am passionate about my PARTNER, I dedicate every moment we are together to show them how how I feel about them and if I’m passionate about my GOD, I dedicate every breathe I’m blessed with to personify His grace… SIMPLES…


Nneɛma nketewa na ɛma medɔ wo (It’s the little things you do that make me love you)
Nneɛma nketewa na ɛma pedɔ Wo (It’s the little things you do that make me like you)

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