Reason 4da Season…

Hey guys and girls, I would just love to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Its crazy how quick this time of the year comes around so quick and once again we’re probed to remember why exactly we celebrate it. I was once told that, CHRISTMAS is not all about the exchange of GIFTS or EATING, but more so about us reflecting on the past year and EVALUATING our actions and coming up with ways to make ourselves better. Its the time of year when we RECOGNISE the birth of the LORD JESUS, this symbolises new LIFE, new BEGINNINGS and thus should encourage us to renew our minds for the coming year. The story of the BIRTH of JESUS is one of ‘rejection by many’ and ‘struggle’ but the ultimate outcome is a new KING, a new example/role model of the potentially an AMAZING life we can all endeavour. It shows us that regardless of our struggles and rejections through out the year, there’s always a turning into a better more fulfilled life. We have to experience valleys in order to climb mountains, we have to be presented with the word ‘no’ in order to appreciate the word ‘yes’, but our hardships are not for long because GOD’S MERCIES ARE NEW EVERY MORNING!

Also, we remember that this is the time of year when after months of searching The 3 Wise Men finally find JESUS and present him with PRECIOUS gifts. The exchange of gifts is symbolic to the love we should have for others and should this exchange should really be carried out in this fashion, but CHRISTMAS has been commercialised so much that we DISREGARD its entire purpose and rather made it all about GREED and who can give and receive the best material things. The WISE MEN gave Jesus gifts because they knew he was a KING, people will BLESS you because they know you are WORTH MORE THAN RUBIES and DETSTINED FOR GREATNESS. Like Jesus, the Wise Men knew him before he was born, the same way God knew you before you was conceived and the love that he has for will be manifested in blessings upon your life. But please remember that we are blessed accordingly so now is the time to reflect and establish how the coming year will be different from the present, what will you do differently?

Finally, we remember CHRISTMAS to be a time for family! We spend time with loved ones we haven’t seen for many months/years and once again we can build on or start to build a relationship with them. RELATIONSHIPS are extremely important and should not be taken lightly. Jesus was born to be an example of how we should be in relations with GOD. He demonstrated this through his relationships! Eight out of the Ten COMMANDMENTS are about our relationships, how we treat God, our Families and our Neighbours, therefore it is very important that we are humble and in one way or another bless everyone who crosses our paths. Love your family, because they are the only thing in life that you do not get you chose, God has a purpose for why he placed you where you are!!!

I wasn’t planning on preaching this morning, but hey, God is still good!!! So with all that said, Have a Wonderful Day!!!


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