Monday Morning Workout…

Hey Luvlies…

I hope you all had a great weekend….

My weekend was definitely a unique one, I attended a Traditional Ghanaian Wedding Ceremony which is not carried out over here in London so often. It was definitely an eye-opener in regards to me growing OLDER and WISER, and it definitely got everyone close to me talking about the next step in life. My mum and aunties have already started with the ‘when are you getting married? – when are you having kids?‘ questions, which at the age of 25 I don’t feel it to be COMPULSORY. There’s still things I want to see, do, achieve and a certain FOUNDATION I want to establish before I jump into a committed and devoted relationship and have children. It’s funny because my friends and relatives that are getting married/or are married are the ones who’ve been dating their other half for many many years, but I was blessed with that possibility at a young age, I believe my time will come later. Some had children during the courting process, and that’s fine for them, but for someone like me who can’t sit still, I need to see, taste and experience everything, I don’t feel my head is even correct for that type of relationship.

But I do find that our PARENTS GENERATION tend to add PRESSURE to us young ADULTS with all the questions and INDIRECTS. What these olders fail to realise is that we are living in different times. I’m very certain that starting a family at a young age was very common and ADVISED during my mum’s adolescence, it illustrated some sort of superiority between peers when a woman was married at a young age, but now, things have definitely changed and I didn’t grow up in AFRICA. My mum and I had a convo about when I was PLANNING to get married, she then made it known that any age over 28 (even 28 in her eyes was pushing it) automatically became UNATTRACTIVE, women who were unmarried at this age were labelled to have ‘something wrong’ with them… Can you imagine… The older generation also didn’t have the facilities, the choices and the benefits we have now in regards to enhancing/continuing our EDUCATION and gaining a higher standard of living. Woman in Africa missed out on these because of the strong TRADITIONAL and religious values our fore-fathers had, suppression of women was highly practised and they were forced to become home makers from a very young regardless of their personal goals, which is a major SHAME… I also believe our generation a far more AMBITIOUS then our elders, we really are seeing the world as out oysters… It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing…

So this really goes out to all those, who like me are feeling the pressure to jump into long term relationships to make MUM & DAD happy… Don’t do it unless that’s where your MINDSET is… Understand that, because you are a certain age, it does not mean you have to have a certain kind of life… Remember that GOD has a different plan for everyone, just because your life may not be going in the same direction as everyone else, it doesn’t mean you are valued any less or that you’re missing out on something. Right now, all you can do is DO YOU, until your moment comes, and trust, all PROVISIONS will be made in your FAVOUR…

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