Monday Morning Workout…

‘I Got The Heart Of A Winner…’ – Dappy

Hey Hey Hey… Hope all is well with you guys. Hope all is well, I’m sure you all had an eventful weekend, especially us living in LONDON. Saturday saw the uproar of a riot and LOOTING stemming from a protest in relation to a killing of a North London resident. Well, the current situation in London is WW3, but I refuse to entertain the situation because I feel that the RIOTS and looting are now being carried out by OPPORTUNISTS who are just taking advantage of a horrible situation. What those involved fail to realise is that the GOVERNMENT want them to react like CRIMINALS because that STEREOTYPE has already been issued, its sad you see young children throwing their lives away just and being followers rather than leaders in a society where we lack STRONG BLACK LEADERSHIP! There are so many opportunities where we can actually rise up as a people and prove everyone wrong, but instead we fall into the trap and labels that the government has given us. Instead of getting up and being proactive, people are just following the majority, but they fail to forget what will happen to them tomorrow.

So I say to all those who do not condone violence and and require better things in life. We need people in SOCIETY who are willing to step outside the box, not jump on the BANDWAGON and do their own THING. Having FAITH and BELIEVING that you can achieve far greater than what’s being offered is a good place to be in. Being an INDIVIDUAL and being YOURSELF is all you can ever be, if you believe the total opposite of the crowd, you’ve already achieved a lot.

Live your life your way and with NO REGRETS…

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