Monday Morning Workout…

How you live is more than how you sing…’

‘When I die what did I really mean…?’

Hey guys hope all is well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Well, it’s so surreal, we are in AUGUST, the year is almost over! I’m sure when the year started we all had goals which we wanted to achieve before a certain time, and I hope that you have been able to ACCOMPLISHED what you wish to, but for those of us who haven’t, there’s still hope. Even though you may have missed personal deadlines, become content in your current position and lost MOTIVATION to work towards your GOAL or just lost focus all together, there’s still an opportunity to make things RIGHT, just keep focused and know that all you need is within! The song I chose for this week’s WORKOUT is from KIRK FRANKLIN’S new gospel album, most people are draw to the song SMILE, but I was draw to this one in particular, because it addressed something that was on my MIND. The song allowed me to see that there’s still time to pursue all desires, regardless of where you are now, your tomorrow will be different if you just BELIEVE. But not only did it focus on personal attributes, but also on innate, SPIRITUAL attributes which we all need to CONSIDER before we die. I previously blogged about HUMILITY so you know where my head is at, and this song just catered perfectly to my current though process…

Have a listen and let it motivate and inspire you…

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