Bank Holiday Workout…


Hey guys, hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend, and are enjoying the sunshine of this bank holiday Monday morning…

Well, well, well, there’s not too much to say because, quite surprisingly, my weekend was very quiet… But nevertheless I had a nice time just chilling with the ladies and laughing… It’s amazing how time flies when you are just in the mist of people you love, laughing and hanging out realising yourself from the pressures of life. Sometimes, we forget to just appreciate the small things that come our way, the little instances that allow everyday to happen, such just the mere fact that we rose this morning when many others did not, we are breathe unaided, walk unaided and have the opportunity to LIVE. As the first part of the year is rapidly drawing to an end, lets just take this moment to appreciate the fact that we are STILL LIVING – but this doesn’t mean that we should sit still and not do nothing, the fact you’re still alive today while others aren’t means that you have a purpose to fulfil, there are many things for you to achieve and successes waiting to happen your you life – so let’s make the next half of this year count, because we are STILL LIVIN’.

This song can be found on Jahaziel’s mixtape Still Livin’, which can be downloaded for free at

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