Dark Girls…

Hey guys, hope all is well and you all are having a fab week, it’s officially Bank Holiday Weekend, I’m so excited, I’ll drink to that, even though I don’t drink alcohol, it’s a Red Bull situation… Lmao.

Today, I just want to share a clip with you about ‘dark skin girls’. It’s a mini-documentary, based in the US. While watching it I was taken back to hear how females, grown females perceived them selves in relation to their complexition. I have to say, I personally have not had these emotions or have not felt in anyway remotely close to how these woman are feeling but I just thought to enlighten you all about this because it’s real.

I’ve grown up in the UK and I’m sure these issues affect some ladies here. We live in a society where appearance is everything, with the uproar of beauty cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery eating up all our budgets it’s no wonder that young people today are lacking self confidence. This clip took me back to the lecturer I discussed some time ago and his views in how ‘black women are less attractive’. Like I states then and hold on to now, there is no based code in defining beauty and I disagree with anyone who shares such views as that lecturer.

I consider myself as a dark skinned girl and to be quiet frank I have not had a problem with being this way, sometimes, when I was young I would look at lighter skinned girls and maybe crave their features (nose, eyes, hair, complexion) but I would not have dwelled on that for very long, those instances would usually stem from a scenario where a guy had probably gone after my light-skinned friend rather than myself, I would just think ‘his loss’. I have to say that my upbringing allowed me to learn the value of my uniqueness from a very young age, I was the girl who was born in a different country which already made me different from my peers, with this, I knew that I would not be the same as everybody else and therefore realised my looks was also a contributing factor. But these’s always a stem of doubt, or regret or questioning in our minds that make us think ‘what if’ and I feel that the media and people who make money off on appearances play into this questions and generate insecurities within our societies.

Have a look at the clip and let me know what you guys think…


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