Monday Morning Workout…

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend…

Well, its a new week and like I always say, it’s filled with new opportunities for us to embrace. Today, I just wanted to share some encouragement with you guys, especially the younger readers. I remember having a CONVERSATION with two of my cousins about general things happening in the world today, one was in university and the other is just about to complete secondary school. While we were talking, the one in uni became puzzled about the topic of conversation, she was a bit reluctant to speak and withdrawn because she did not have a clue as to what we were discussing, whereas the younger one and I were nicely conversating back and forth. What I came to realise was the the cousin who was in uni, even though she was in a higher level of education, she was not aware of what was happening around her, she did not take heed to general KNOWLEDGE, what you read in the paper, hear on the news, and see all around you. It got me thinking about the power of knowledge and how much we miss out on if we ‘just don’t know’. Not even in regards to text book education, but everyday life.

In the WORD, it states that ‘without knowledge my people shall perish’, but this does not just apply to the spiritual aspect of our lives, but emotionally, physically and generally. It is important to be aware of what is happening in this world, what your BOOKS contain and if you are unsure about something, or in doubt about something, it is important to find out more information about it. KNOWLEDGE is power, it gives you the ABILITY to fight your corner, it allows you to be confident when you speak, it sets you above those who do not know and encourages sharing. It gives you power beyond measure becuase it is one thing no body can take away from you.

Sometimes, we become think that being educated gives us all the knowledge we need, we couldn’t be far from the TRUTH, going to school, college or university does not equip you for all aspects of the WORLD. Far enough, we learn a trade, a profession or skill, but taking that further and gaining knowledge in something that does not require COURSEWORK at the end of the SEMESTER adds VALUE to your life. By gaining knowledge you can build your own morals, you begin to UNDERSTAND your thoughts and other people’s thoughts, you learn things that contributed to how you are perceived in society and how you are living right now. So this week, I encourage you all, young or old to learn something new. If you are unsure, go and find out so you can be sure. Bless…

    • shardeya
    • May 23rd, 2011

    Really loving the posts that you have been posting recently! Keep it up, someone somewhere is being inspired by your post

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