See You On Sunday…

Apparently the world is going to end today (Saturday)… Well, I’ll see you guys on church on Sunday..

God Bless xxx

I was gonna leave it there, but I can’t contain myself, LMAO… The world is not ending on 21st May 2011. This is some theory a church in America derived. Christians out of people should know that no one knows when the rapture will be. Why are people always trying to break down the Bible, word for word, trying to figure it out. Do you know that your WORLDLY WISDOM will not even give you a fraction of the intelligence you need to understand God’s PLANS.

This theory was derived from what God told Noah when he was sending the flood. In the word, God told Noah he had 7 days to get his family and the animals into the ark for safety. Well according to these Americans, LOL, it meant God was “declaring that sinful mankind would have 7000 years to find refuge in the salvation provided by Jesus Christ“. Why 7000 years you ask, well that’s because in 2Peter 3:8, God said “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day“, so that meant, the 7 days God declared to Noah, really meant us humans had 7000 years to get our act together before the second coming. OK. And now, in 2011 our time is up.

Sorry, I read this article and laughed… God’s word can not be understood my adding and subtracting, He does not speak in riddles, in speaks in TRUTH, when He decides to come, trust me, you will no way be expecting it.

Please, have a look at this article and let me know your views – (

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