I’m Not Attractive…

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Hey guys, hope all is well..

Just wanted to share a quick message with you in regards to some nonsense I been hear this week. In the papers an LSE lecturer claiming ‘black women are less ATTRACTIVE than White and Asian women’ – my friend, dont make me laugh. When I first heard it I was like ‘WHATEVER’, but as I contiued to read the article, I just had to take notice of his reasoning, he claims it is because ‘black women are found to have more TESTOSTERONE in their system conpared to the other counterparts, which makes them appear to have MASCULINE’ – excuse me, is this guy for real, have you not seen my MUM…!!!

This lecturer guy, based his theory on a sample he used, within the university, where he asked students to compare and identify which one person they referred over another. NUMBER ONE – My friend, is sample was NOT accurate, everyone who has studied psychology knows that when sampling a population, your sample has to be relative to the male:female ratio, it has to be relative to the race ratio, it has to mimick like for like (on a smaller scale) the entire population, if you want to make generalisations about the world, you need to REPRESENT the world mate. You can not use random selection in research of this scale… Sorry mate… #PsychologyAlevel

NUMBER TWO – the lecturer himself is of Asian descent, erm… I’m not trying to be funny but I can sense some cultural bias here. He want on to highlight that ‘black woman were heavier than the others‘, it’s funny how the characteristics which made us less attractive where the opposite of what a stereotypical Asian woman would look like… #I’mJustSaying. I’m not even going to test this guy, because even though I have an A Level in PSYCHOLOGY, I do not have any research to oppose what is said about testosterone, but I will say this…

It lies in the eyes of the person viewing. In society today, the media try to condition our minds with what they consider to be ‘beautiful’, and this has caused young people, and men in our generation to doubt the way they look, it’s causing so many insecurities in our world, and it’s heart breaking because people are ruining their appearances and some dying, in order to fit a code some guy sitting in an office SOMEWHERE has drawn up based on his likes and dislikes.  Young ladies (and men) do not be FOOLED, know that you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made. Understand that for someone to be attracted to you, they have to see the qualities which YOU hold, that others don’t. If it was a situation where we were striving for a certain look, we would all be generalised and have no uniqueness about our individual being. I’m not saying that I do not, or did not have insecurities, but I have come to the understanding that there is a reason why I do not look like my peers, there is a reason why we do not fancy the same guys, there’s a reason why we like different things, and that’s because we are all INDIVIDUALS. I refuse to believe that I am less attractive than a White or Asian female because I am a black girl of African descent, it’s bollocks mate, sorry, but #I’mJustSaying. 

Let me leave it here…


(Also check out https://encourageelevatebe.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/beauty/ for some inspirational quotes on beauty)

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