Monday Morning Workout…

Good Morning guys… Hope you all had a wonderful weekend…!!!

Well, it’s a new week and it’s only right that we approach it with a new state of mind. I believe that our successes are first ILLUSTRATED in our thoughts and though hard work and motivation we begin to achieve them. I recently had a conversation with a friend (as I always am, they tend to give me a lot of inspiration) in regards to the different CHARACTERISTICS we all have as individuals, one dominate factor in all of our was our ‘OPENNESS’, how we were comfortable enough to voice our true thoughts and feelings to each other and we established that this factor was major tool in developing strong relationships and having PEACE of mind. This kind of inspired me to share this song with you this morning because when I first hard the track, I was taken back by how honest the artist was being. Sometimes we simmer through life pondering over the ‘what if’s’ – “what if I had said what I wanted to say to my manager/colleague/friend“, “what if I did what I wanted to do rather than what they wanted me to do“, “what if…“.  Then we begin to give our selves a tough time because we were too scared to do something which we felt in our hearts, we were to SCARED to express how we really felt about a situation, too SCARED to share views which would potentially make a vast change, too scared to just BE. It’s a shame because as you get older you realise that your responsibilities get bigger even though you do you ask for them and the most important responsibility you will ever have in your life is YOURSELF; you have to learn to set yourself up in a way which you will be comfortable , free and HAPPY. There is now no room for doubt in our lives, we should seize every opportunity we get, renew our minds and motivate ourselves to get what we really want and primarily deserve out of this LIFE.

I’m not saying, go out and be RECKLESS and selfish, I’m more focused on how we can better our lives if we just SHARED what we DESIRE, this is a country of free will, everybody has the same opportunities from the moment they are born, what you do with yourself and the choices you make will determine your outcome in this life. We need to really start to address what we want to see happening around us, in our personal lives and in our societies, what we want to achieve and how we want to be perceived.

I hope this song inspires you as much as it has inspired me…

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