Monday Morning Workout…

Hey guys and girls, hope all is well… I hope you had a fabulous weekend and I hope you’re ready for the week ahead.

This weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday, one age I was definitely refusing to ACCEPT, but you know what, God is Good and the fact that I am alive to this age says a lot about how much He loves me and the plan He has for me life. So the CELEBRATIONS went well, had a great time with FRIENDS and FAMILY and the whole experience really touched my HEART. I was going to write a whole essay about how life treats you and how you grow and learn past it, but something just told me not to, being this age has really made me realise my BLESSING and I’m not going to lie, there were some TRIALS during the week but I overcame and I’ve just learnt to live EVERYDAY as my last and not let the things which are out of my CONTROL effect me.

The SONG I’ve decided to share with you all this morning (afternoon) is one track that really brightens up my spirit, it’s a dance track and the vibe is just great… It’s a get up and go TRACK and it just reminds me of them care free days where nothing bothered us in our ADOLESCENCE, we would just live everyday and vibe to each day as they same…. So what I want you to do right now, whether you’re at HOME or at WORK, or sitting in the PARK, crank up your SPEAKERS (or earphones), close you eyes, and just VIBE…

Here we go – Calvin Harris: Flashback

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