Monday Morning Workout…

Hey Guys, hope all is well…

My weekend was very eventful as always and I’m sure yours was too… Not only did we have  BEAUTIFUL ROYAL WEDDING to set us off, but we also had an extended weekend which is always great. This workout song was kind of inspired by the Royal Wedding and the circumstances surrounding their relationship, I remember just reading TWEETS and comments on FACEBOOK during and after the ceremony and the excitement that people all over where expressing. People were very much excited and I have to say it’s amazing what God can do because normally when you go to university you get a degree, mate, KATE MIDDLETON got a PRINCE. When they first met, I remember all the slack that Kate got because according to the British media, she did not have a respectable background, why, because her mother was an Air Hostess and her father a Pilot, I can actually recall her being labelled ‘commoner’, in her defence, this was extremely rude and inappropriate because her father is a self-made MILLIONAIRE and has put all his children through PRIVATE school, so if Kate is a commoner, what the hell am I…?

I say GOD IS GOOD, because this situation just highlights the fact that if you live according to His will and stay focused on the ideas that He has placed on your HEART, anything is POSSIBLE, He will definitely make provisions for you to succeed. Kate may not have know that enrolling into university would put her in the position to potentially become the next QUEEN OF ENGLAND! On and off for almost 10 years she suffered so much backlash from the British media and managed to maintain an ELEGANT GRACE and in the end, the whole nation now loves her…

So, this week’s workout song is dedicated to Kate and her husband, it’s about just dancing off your HATERS, WORRIES and anything NEGATIVE and just enjoying life. But it’s not just for them, it’s for those who placed so much negativity on the Wills & Kate situation, the ENEMIES OF PROGRESS – take a chill pill man and just do you… on the dancefloor…

Bless – P.S. This post is also dedicated to MissAfful xxx

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