Soulectric – So Electric…

I SERIOUSLY can not believe it. I can actually swear on how shock I was when I first saw the flyer advertising FOUR KORNERZ live in concert. Lord of Mercy… LOL… I thought this day would never come. I’ve been a fan of these guys since back in 2007, I believe when I first had the opportunity to see them perform, and till this day I can’t even remember what song they sang, all I remember is as soon as I got home I ordered their album SOULECTRIC of… Lmao… Since that day, boy, listening to that album has become common courtesy, daily ritual in my house like taking a shower in the morning… Lmao! Anyway, so knowing their concert was coming up, I had round up the troops i.e. Shardeya quicktime and get IAMJIDE to organise some tickets…

Four Kornerz - Deji & Daniel

Well, well, well, what can I say, we were graced with UK talent from the likes of Dionne Reid, a singer, her voice is so beautiful and serene, I need to keep a look for her future stuff… And Guvna B, MOBO Award winner, can’t go wrong with that… hyped up the crowd… then finally, DEJI, DANIEL, TJ & VIDAL (I only learnt their names yesterday, sorry guys :-)) ran out on stage..!!!! Zoop, zoop…!!! The crowd and the atmosphere just EXPLODED, they came with so much ENERGY, ELECTRICITY, ENTHUSIASIM, I was like WHOA…!

Clap Clap Your Hands...

They kept the crowd hype by starting off their set with one of their newbies LONDON BOY – ‘I’m a London born with Nigerian roots’… This was the first time I had heard this song, and I was very impressed, well done Deji, you kept it real, but I’m Ghanaian, Lol… Then they brought us in with a few more new tracks; DYNAMITE and GOT IT BAD… Nice… Then they took it back to some of their earlier stuff, all I heard was ‘la la la la la la la la…‘ – BETTER DAYS… iLove the jazz rifs in this tune..!!! Then TESTIFY, my second favourite track on the album… Hands were clapping, people started shaking their bums, it was emotional… Then we were introduced to their new single, SUPERSTAR (out 2nd May 2011 – make sure you go and buy it, details coming soon..!) – ‘I’m gonna be a star, and you will remember my name’, after that, we got a nice surprise from Daniel singing Jessie J – Price Tag, that was a nice treat – thumbs up guys…!

Still Clapping...

The guys then graced us with more new tracks, such as BOBBY DONT RUN, which had a nice Reggae feel to it, I like, always down for some Reggaeton.. Lol… Nice… Then LEAN ON MY SHOULDER, which was a nice mellow tune, very emotional and heart felt, it calmed the crowd down nicely, then all of a sudden, the guys took it back with ‘anybody feel the way that I feel just, clap clap, clap your hands…‘ – CLAP CLAP… Great Stuff..!!! Which blended into CONQUERORS, the crowd went crazy again, fists in the air and all sorts…!!! We just had to represent The MOST HIGH, because you know, all Glory goes to GOD..!!! Amen oooooo…..

Deji & Daniel

It didn’t end there, can you imagine, Four Kornerz had us ending the might doing the ELECTRIC SLIDE…!!!! Can you imagine! Crazy, IAMJIDE was doing the dougie, Shardeya was crip-walking, shaking, whatever you call it to ATTACK OF THE STEREOBUNNY (my personal favourite), DANCEFLOOR and M.O.V.E…. It was too much for me, I was shattered by the end of that workout..!!! But all that sweat (not me personally) was definitely worth it….

Hands In The Hair

Man, I can go on and on… but all in all you can see I was over excited, This was definately one of the greatest live shows I have been to in my 24 years, and everytime I get the opportunity to see these guys they just get better and better, their vibe and presence just goes to extremes. They are so energetic electrifying, and their music speaks volumes, it’s great to have musicians in this day in age who keep it real about spreading love, loving self and appreciating our brothers and sisters, their message is powerful and its refreshing to be able to hear what they have to say in the mist of all the nonsense going on in music today. I’m truly blessed to have witnessed that and I’m truly grateful to Four Kornerz for sharing their talents with the world. Best wishes to them in the future and no doubt I’m gonna be supporting the cause… When’s the next album dropping maaan…?



Suited & Booted

Four Kornerz - Deji & Daniel

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