Mid-Week Workout…

I thought to give you guys a break from your weekly workout so you can fully recover from the Bank HOLIDAY. I must say last week went by really quickly and to top of the week I had the opportunity to experience one of the best live shows of my life with the likes of Faith Child, Brewer, Jacy Mai, Lanre Sulola, Potent Vybez and an unexpected cameo by Barney plus many more. In case you haven’t guessed it already, I’m talking about the I.M.P.A.C.T. Youth Presents ‘Da Way Out’ concert, it was AMAZING – God was definitely in the BUILDING..!!!

One artist which really stood out to me that evening was BREWER. I know who he is and all that, but in the past I was a bit RELUCTANT to hear his music cos I really couldn’t understand his MESSAGE, but I must say, after that evening, I definitely OVERSTAND his message now, LOL. I remember on our way home,  myself and a couple of my mates had a converstaion about ‘CHRISTIANITY’ as they call it and how easy it is to fall into stereotypical roles and proceedures, such as how we pray, how we dress and how we communicate with eachother. After going back and forth, my good friend P.Hoshi made a statement that really hit home, he said (I’m paraphrasing)  ‘as Christians, if we say we believe in God, why do we feel we have to pray the loudest and longest to be heard by Him, in His word it clearly lets us know that God resides in us, so why do we feel we have to exaggerate our actions in order to present ourselves as worthy?‘ – That is POWERFUL… – Mate, it just put everything into contrast and it kind of brought me back to Brewer cos when I was first introduced to him, he didn’t seem like your typical ‘GOSPEL’ artist that I was used to, I PREJUDGED him because he was not coming forth with what I was used to seeing, and after hearing his live set at the show, I was totally TRANSFORMED with what he had to say, how he presented himself and the energy he brought to the stage. It was evident that he was in fact a person walking in GRACE. He did not conform to the usual stereotypical image and lyrical content in his music, like, I can’t recall him quoting scripture, or putting FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT in every line, he just presented HIMSELF, spoke his TRUTH and what was in his HEART and that is what won me over. That then got me to thinking of what GOD requires from us, all He wants is for us to be OURSELVES cos the word says that we are all FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE, God doesn’t care how you look, what you say or how you say it, what matters is what is in your HEART and what you BELIEVE.

So for this weeks workout song, I chose Brewer – Kindle, its taken from his new mixtape ‘Alone With My Thoughts’, which can be downloaded at www.itsbrewer.com. This song samples the tune from that KINDLE advert on TV so you know it was a definitely FLOOR FILLER, but the words also say a lot, he talks about being yourself and not being deceived by what others do or what they have, be yourself and don’t be ashamed of it… – “you think money will solve all your problems, like millionaires haven’t got them“.

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