Monday Morning Workout…

Hey Hey Hey…

Hope all is well, hope you had a great weekend, cos as usual, I did, busy as usual, but fun REGARDLESS… And still, the year is progressing and not waiting on anyone, LOL… Erm, where do I start, this weekend had enlightened me on a few things actually, but I’m going to focus on something I haven’t really touched on in this blog, I’ve mentioned it but never went into detail with it, and that thing is BEAUTY. I’m not talking physical beauty, but rather the inner beauty, the one we disregard when we are seeking ATTENTION, and we fail to realise that this factor is what probably the most important thing we need to realise about ourselves before other things can take place in our lives. My previous post was dedicated to two ladies who DEMONSTRATED inner beauty in its peak; sometimes we forget that our words and actions are somewhat a REFLECTION of what we feel inside, how we express ourselves and present ourselves reflects our character. Our inner beauty is what we DISTINGUISHES us from others, it’s what makes us UNIQUE, but above all it is what makes our character IDENTIFIABLE.

I came across a QUOTE the other day which kind of planted this seed in my head, it was – ‘…you may be pretty on the OUTSIDE, but it doesn’t count for anything if you’re ugly on the INSIDE…’ – WOW, that says alot, but it is self explanatory. Your inner beauty is a result of POSITIVITY and LOVE, starting with the love you have for SELF which can primarily be shared with others. Some people go through life thinking negative things and this reflects in their relationships with others, it gives them negative aura’s, negative personalities, it’s even evident in the way they present themselves and to be frank you just want to SURROUND yourself with them. But I’m not here to criticise them because it’s not everyday that I’ll be feeling 100% and wanting to SPREAD some love, but I will say this, regardless of what you’re going through or how you perceive the world, always remember that we were all made BEAUTIFUL because we were made through LOVE, therefore we should be grateful at every circumstance, also, you never know who is watching you, so if you had the opportunity to see yourself, what would you want to SEE.

So, the song I’ve decided to share with you for this morning’s workout is Chris Brown – Beautiful People, why because it reminds that we may all be different but we are all beautiful.

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