Girl, If You Think You Are, You Are…

Sister, Sister…

Who remembers that show, I loved it as a child. I remember these twins going through life, having all these experiences and having each other to share it with. But funny enough, we still go through the same things that we see people going through on TV, but it seems that our communication and learning from each other has decreased. I remember back in the day there was always someone older and wiser to talk to, confide in and learn from, but when I look at my young cousins and friends it’s like who do they look upon for normal life changing lessons….

Well maybe, I have something that can help those who are in search of this need, now we have a place where women of all ages, race and backgrounds can come and be unified, learned and grow… Welcome Sister 2 Sister… Here’s a little bit about them…

What is sister2sister all about?

Her hair and clothes told a story. A sad life had reached its final day. She was both solemn and quiet however far within the depths of her shaken mind reeled the words she wished she could tell… tell someone who had still the gift of many days… the words; “learn from the women around you, don’t just live for the laughs and play cus these often fade away”

Sister2Sister was birthed through a lot of prayer and listening for what God wanted for us as a group of Christian women at the Hub. Its easy to simply go with the flow. We are not called to simply laugh and play together without recognising that our lives are linked together in a deeper ways. Thank you for recognising this greater purpose.

Click on the flyer for more information about our up and coming Flagship event on 16th April from 1pm at The Hub, Leyton
Come down if you can, trust me, it will definitely be worth your while…

Advancing the Progressive Woman


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