Monday Morning Workout…


I had actually been slacking from yet another busy weekend, had a couple of birthdays, one or two social events and bits & bobs. But the definite highlight of my weekend was igniting something that had been dim for a while. I got to spend some time with a person I had missed… Our time together just made me realise how important FRIENDSHIPS are in this journey called life and how amazing it is to see someone you truly care about EVOLVE into a person so REMARKABLE. We have one of those friendships where we may not talk or see each other all the time but once we’re in the same vicinity, it’s like we never left… So, this is what kind of encouraged me to choose this weeks workout song, the friends, and the people around you who bring out your true COLOURS, those who keep you GROUNDED and keep you REGULATED when you’re doing wrong… Hold Tight my TWIN SISTER…

But, I’m not gonna lie, I kinda struggled to find a song that I could pump this morning, then I remembered something I read in my Word4Today, it was a passage talking about how Jesus calls us friends (John 15:15), and it focused on how to build that relationship with our FATHER. So, the song I decided to share with you this morning is from a UK gospel artist called FAITH CHILD and the song’s called HOLLA AT ME, just basically about having that friend to turn to when you’re going through your ups and downs, no matter your situation, you may be seeking that COMFORT and think there is no one looking out for you, but there’s ALWAYS someone there that has your INTERESTS at heart… God says, Holla At Me…



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