Monday Morning Workout…



Hey hey hey… Hope you had a great weekend, cos I did, very hectic and to be honest, I AM SHATTERED.. But hey, life goes on, and there’s so many things that we need to doing cos if I stop, the world won’t wait for us. This weeks workout song is a song about moving forward and maintaining MOMENTUM regardless of your situation. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed by EXTERNAL factors which are out of our control, we get bombarded with things and we lose track of why we even wake up in the morning.

But we have to keep in mind that in order for us to SUCCEED in anything we have to stay focused on our main goals and we have tunnel vision in order to achieve it. This means disregarding all the times that slow us down and the things which we can not PHYSICALLY change. I understand that we all have different paths on this journey called LIFE, but I also believe that we all have free will, we can decided on the things which we chose to let AFFECT us, we can decided on how this affects us.

At the end of the day, everything we do as INDIVIDUALS is entirely up to us. That’s why I chose this song, it talks about how people may struggle, but at the end of the day ‘the show goes on and on’….

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