Monday Morning Workout…

‘Today happened the way it did so tomorow can happen the way it should… NICE’
Justin from Baldwin Hills

My inspiration for this weeks workout song came out of an issue I was dealing with and I right about now I feel I am completely over it by the Grace of God. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start preaching but I will say this… Don’t ever COMPROMISE who you are for anybody, there should never be times where you feel you are not worthy of anything, because, guess what, YOU ARE… We are all dealt different cards in life and what you chose to do with yours should be entirely up to you, the way you choose to live your life, the way you dress, the way in which you chose to express yourself is your decision and DO NOT EVER compromise your TALENTS, your AMBITIONS, your BELIEFS and MORALS as a result of others. This message just recently was laid on my heart, it’s about accepting who you are, accepting the things you go through and understanding that what you are is the result of a Master Plan, the Master’s Plan, it’s not by chance.

In many relationships through out my life I have gone out my way to serve others, behaved in ways that were not of my nature, altered what I believed and guess what, I was the one left BROKEN and gained no dividends from my INVESTMENTS, and sometimes I have to ask, ‘what was the POINT of that’, but I came to realise that it’s all part of life and all your experiences and ENDEAVORS are purposely laid out for you to become a better person tomorrow. But in the mist of all that, we should not be little ourselves, or turn into something we are not because that would just ruin the PURPOSE for tomorrow.

During my journey home I realised that there were people whom I had not rated so HIGHLY, and you know what, that was a major MISTAKE on my behalf because I should have given them more credit than I did, but rather the ones I put up on a PEDAL-STOOL where no where to me found in the midnight hour and these were the ones I was trying to please. I became something I was not suppose to be and something I was not at the expense of others and this is wrong, these actions may have HUNDERED my blessings tomorrow.

I chose this particular song for this weeks workout because it talks about not compromising who you are, it’s an ENERGY BOOSTER because it reminds us that we are all different and our different QUALITIES is what makes us unique and individual, rather then shying away and trying to make ourselves ACCEPTABLE in society, we should embrace who we are, EMBRACE what makes us different and present that into society and if society don’t like it, well mate, that’s society’s problem…It’s an added bonus that it’s by my favourite UK artist as well, this guy is one guy who did not alter anything about himself to fit into a STEREOTYPICAL mold – Hold Tight WRETCH 32..!!!!

You don’t have to fit a mold, create your own outline, in the end people will respect you for being yourself rather then trying to be something you are not…



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