Young Teachers…

I came across an article the other day which really brought some truth to our way of life. It was an article about the things we can learn from young children. Some make think that children are here to learn from us adults, but, you could never be so far from the truth. It was beautiful to see how the author listed out attributes that we all once consumed and how if we still maintained and practiced these things, the world would evidently be better place today.  I you have children, listen to what your child may be telling you, and if you do not, remember your younger days when your conscience was pure…

Here are some of the attributes they listed…

  • Perseverance
    Children have an amazing stance on perseverance, even from birth they are constant reaching out for things, learn to walk and talk, and regardless of how many times the fall or rail to met their target, they never give up. They know that the end goal is definitely worth the struggle. Great lesson to us all, all them goals and dreams we grow up with, let us stay focused on them and keep on reaching for what we want to achieve out of life.
  • Be Teachable
    Some of us go through life thinking we know everything, we are so confident in ourselves that you can’t tell us right from wrong. One major trait that children have is the ability to listen to those who have something to say and practice what they are being told. What’s being said may not always be right, but the ability to be open and remain open a great thing, we learn through openness, we learn about people personalities, their cultures, we acquire knowledge and all these learned factors, along with many more make us better ourselves as a people.
  • Expecting The Best From People
    Children make friends easily because they do not approach each other with pre-conceived notions about what the person might be like. Sometimes we can, miss out on the qualities of the people around us because we have ‘set-in-stone’ ideas about the persons character and what they may be like. If we approached each other with a positive and open mind, we will witness the best in people.
  • Not Taking Themselves to Seriously
    Children can do some outrageous things, but instead of being embarrassed by their foolishness, they laugh. As adults, we definitely need to practice this, I know there may be times when things do not go your way, or you might miss that bus in the morning, but sometimes it helps to laugh, especially when there’s nothing we can physically do about the situation, maybe this way, we can truly enjoy life.
  • Asking for What You Want
    Children are very brave when it comes to asking for what they want, and it seems the requests go from one extreme to the other. But sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder where that bravery and confidence comes from. Children are very used to hearing the word ‘no’ but some how they tend to bounce back and not let the rejection deter them from any future requests, especially when they are determined to receive something. Even if we do not get what we want, we should still try, after all, the worst that can be said is ‘no’ and we’ve all heard that world before.
  • Ask Questions
    Children do have this annoying habit of asking questions and even though it does get on our nerves, that is their way of learning. But as we get older, for some reason or another, we decide that asking questions and admitting we do not know something is a bad thing and can make us look ‘uncool’ in front of our peers. But mate, if you don’t ask, you will never know and at the end of the day who’s going to be lacking in knowledge.
  • Honesty
    A majority of things that children say is the truth. It can sound funny when they do it, but this is a very strong lesson to be learnt, we need to tell to the because there is a lack of it in society, people are sugarcoating things and sometimes lying, we just all basically need to be honest and real with each other.
  • Believing Anything Is Possible
    When you ask children what they want to be in the future, you get a list of at least five career paths, and they thing is, they believe all these things are possible. But it’s only as they get other, endeavor life experiences and develop adult mentalities when they realise that maybe ideas on their list may not be so achievable, this is the attitude they carry to the grave. We need to get back that positive attitude and ambition because that’s what preventing us in reaching our goals.
  • Forgiveness
    Watching children playing can be entertaining, one minute their fighting and there’s tears, then the next, they’re best friends forever. I know that adult transgressions can be a bit more serious than kicking a ball, but everything in life can be forgiven. Sometimes we focus so hard on holding a grudge that we miss out on great relationships with people.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the article and I hope the attributes listed really brought some light onto how we perceive ourselves and how we build and maintain relationships with ours.


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