Stay Motivated…

So, I’m assuming you’re still recovering from this weeks Monday Morning Workout, but we have to keep the momentum going and not lose focus of what we want to achieve in this lifetime, it’s a good thing to have a great idea, but its an even greater thing to execute it.

I was recently reading a blog post on a mates blog ( which fits in well with what I’m trying to convey this week. It’s a piece focused on Jay Z, and how his drive and determination got him to where he is today.Many may forget that once upon a time Jay Z was a cocaine dealer and now look at what he has become today. The Bible tells us that ‘out of our weakness we are made strong, many people we look up to these days had a vision and a focus and in most cases had to struggle and sacrifice to get to where they are, they did not start of strong, but became strong. God chooses to work through people like us, He puts us in difficult situations and then releases our creativity potential, when you don’t know which way to go, He directs you to those that can open the appropriate doors for you, He gives us he strength to face our fears by overcoming them. A wise man once wrote ‘do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger people, do not pray for tasks to be equal to your power, pray for powers equal to your tasks’ – Phillips Brooks.

So I would advise you guys to check out this post and remember… It doesn’t matter how you start your journey, the most important thing is how you finish.


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