I went to a Business Consulting event yesterday with my mate Shade ( held by Ampod (, which is something we try to do as often as possible just to keep our minds fresh and stay focus on our dreams, well, one of the speakers which came out was enlightening us on a concept called Sheconomics. I’ve never heard of this before and trust me, I was very intrigued to find out what it was about. Sheconomics is the concept of ‘adding power to your purse with the ultimate money makeover’. This is great stuff, I thought, LOL… It’s based on a book where the authors Karen Pine and Simonne Gnessen outline ways to make your money work for you and is entirely dedicated to FEMALES… LOL… I love all this girl power stuff… 🙂

Simonne explained the main areas of the concept and I just had to share with all you ladies (and gents).
Below are The Seven Laws of Sheconomics to Master Your MONEY

  1. Take Emotional Control
    This is about understanding what money represents to you.
    How do you feel about money emotionally
  2. Go Beyond Your Beliefs
    What belief system do you have in relation to money.
    Do you believe you are a money magnet – what does this mean
    Do you believe money is always running away from you – what does this mean
    Our beliefs about ourselves and money will determine whether or not you will get money in the future
  3. Spend With Power
    “It’s not about what you earn, it’s about what you keep”
    Exercise your own power when spending – create a ‘spending plan’ not a budget
  4. Have Goals
    Know what you want out of life, and then create a financial plan around what you want
    What do you focus on
  5. Look Debt In The Face
    Good debt make you WEALTHY
    Bad debt makes you POOR
  6. Share Financial Intimacies
    Talk about your money – or financial worries
  7. Know Tomorrow Comes
    Avoid “The Three I’s” – Inertia / Ignorance / Instant Gratification
    Make plans for your future – Think about yourself and deliver gifts to your future self 


I hope this helps with whatever plans you have for yourself in the future.



  1. March 31st, 2011

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