This video kinda helped me out today, it helped me get back in focus, back on track. I got so many things I want to achieve and accomplish, all these empires in my head that need to manifested, and to be honest I kinda got sidetracked with other things that were not focused on myself. I’m not trying to be selfish, but sometimes I find yourself with my hand in so many jars, helping people, giving others my time and I forget what my personal goal of the day is, I’m not saying that helping others is wrong, I’m saying that we have to manage our time in a way which we can stay focused on our destiny’s.

One of my goals is to be a great example to others, for over two years I worked with youth and you never realise the impact you have on people’s lives; I was there organising events, social days and just random meet and greats, but I did not realise how much influence I had on these young people until the structure fell apart. It’s been almost a year since then, but these same young people contact me even till today for various reasons. It’s a great feeling. I love making am imapact and I want to continue doing this by leading by example, when my young people see me, I want them to see my focus, I want them to see my drive, thats why this video help me put things on perspective because it reminded me that I do have the responisibilty to others, but greater than that, I have the responsibility as a LEADER for others…


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