Monday Morning Workout…

“My lifestyle terribly wild, but you never catch me on the Jeremy Kyle Show”

Today, I woke up shattered from the weekend, didn’t get up to much but it was a non stop weekend. Usually, in the mornings when I’m trying to hype myself up I just blast tunes non-stop till I walk out my door… Everybody knows I”m a Wretch 32 heavy weight (LMAO), fan from day, this morning his top ten hit Traktor was a must in the ghetto-blaster (sorry mum), I’m sure my mum even knows the words by now… So I just thought to grace you with the video to help you out on those mornings when there’s nothing that can possibly get you out of bed….

“Duck, duck, GOOSE… One thing the Coupe never got, ROOF…”

Once I get out of bed, sort my day out, I need a motivational song, just to gass me up for the day (another LMAO moment)… My cousin and I were playing this song all thru summer last year and we totally forgot about it until like last week… Anyway, this is the tune that gets me truly going, it’s like every woman’s anthem when they become a ‘man on a mission’…

P.S. Don’t forget to tune in for next weeks workout, same time – when you come online, and same place – your PC… 🙂


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