Underground Thoughts…

I been spending a lot of time on the underground lately, and realised that it really gives you a chance to reflect on life, your dreams, your passions and ambitions. I been thinking a lot about myself and various situations that I been going through, so I decided to put some words on paper…

Sometimes my thoughts consume me, which I seriously hate, I hate the feeling of all the ‘what if’s’ going through my head, it dampens my spirit, brings down my morale, makes me feel so transparent and alone. But God, somewhere at the back of my mind, in the mist of all these uncomfortable premonitions, I know you are with me, I know you’ve heard my cry, you are here and whispering to me kind words of reassurance ‘you have nothing to worry about’ – I love the way you always make things better, the way you resolve my situations and yet, I have no hold over how you do it – how you pick the moments, how you know exactly what to do and when to do it, I become mesmerised, overwhelmed in your ways. It then hits me, you are God, your magnitude, my mind can not comprehend, your strategies I can not explain. I begin to understand the love you have for me, the love so strong, you gave your only son, and just at that second, my mind clears, nothing else matters but you, and once again, I am at… PEACE.

P.S…. Out of all the people we come across on our travels, how many of those lives do we make a difference to? I come to the realisation that everyday is an opportunity, crack a smaile once in a while cos you never know who’s day your gonna make that little bit better.


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