Looking Out The Window…


Wow..! I’m so content right about now! I’m just at ease with where I am now and in this journey called LIFE. I think over the last year or so I have come to the realisation of what I am actually here for, i.e. my PURPOSE.

I went Uni, left with two degrees and some international experience, I thought I was on top, I mean like you go Uni with these kind of expectations; as soon as you come out your gonna get your ideal job and he making some serious movements, but in reality… this is a bit of a MISCONCEPTION. I’m not saying this doesn’t happen, but for me… it didn’t. In the beginning I was blaming the ‘RECESSION’ and all that other stuff for not allowing me to move forward with my desired career, I was working part time in my local Building Society, but to be honest, my heart was not in it, initially, I didn’t enjoy my role and was just in a hurry to get out, I wanted a job in the city!

Anyway, fast forward, I had been in this job going on a year and was really beginning to get FRUSTRATED and annoyed because it was not where I  WANTED to be, it was not where I imagined myself to be; I’ll see or hear about people who graduated in my year and how they where achieving and working in roles which I WANTED, and this annoyed me even more! One day, my mum said that I was letting my frustrations get to me, I wasn’t addressing the situation correctly and my whole STRATEGY was off… LOL… She made me go counciling at church and everything, they had me on FASTING and PRAYING for some weeks just to get the job I WANTED, but nothing seemed to work, when a way was made, it was taken just as soon as it came, like all my ends where tied.

And one day it hit me… I remember having a conversation with one of my mates, it was a general conversation about me going shopping or something trivial like that, he said to me “you have to establish the difference between a WANT and a NEED”. Thats when I realised that my appraoch was all WRONG. Instead of me asking God to show me what my PURPOSE was, what my FUTURE consisted of, what I NEEDED in life, I was asking Him to provide something that I WANTED, something that I thought would make me become successful. But, to be honest, SUCCESS shouldn’t depend on your RICHES, but rather on your WEALTH, your VALUE as a person!

So that’s exactly what I did, and trust me, I have been content with my life every since. My eyes have been open to the joys of my HEART. Through this experience I understand why the book of Proverbs says  “many are the desires of a man’s heart, but it’s God’s plan that always prevails (paraphasing)”. – There are many things we anticipate about life, we make so many plan’s in our hearts and try our hardest to achieve them, but we forget the true meaning of life itself, we forget our PURPOSE. Regardless of what you wish to become in life, never forget that you have a predestined RESPONSIBILITY, it’s nothing to be afraid of, just ask God to orchestrate your footsteps!


    • Abimbolas (you know who this is)
    • December 16th, 2009

    That put a smile on my face. I like what you are doing Marge. x

      • naaadoley
      • December 16th, 2009

      Yes, I know who you are Abimbolas…!
      Cheers fore the comment maaan, its highly appreciated…!
      As long as my peers are satisfied, so am I..!

      God Bless

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