You Never Know Who’s Watching YOU…


This is a quicky….

Yesterday at work, there was a lady in the que who didn’t want me to serve her. I didn’t take it as anything because she never comes to me so I just disregard her and carry on with what i’m doing. Anyway, my colleague served her and half way through her service she came over to me and started shouting “I can read, I can read, you tell me I can’t read, but I can read, look, i can read, your mum can’t read mum” – EXCUSE ME…!!! That made me soo vex, my manager came over and told her to get out the branch. OK, now, I was over vex, and me, when i get mad a get tears of rage, i wanted to cuss her hard so much, I felt so angry.

Moving forward, because I was at work, i had to keep my cool and just accept what happened, and settle, then when i had a moment to myself I started thinking, hold on, I see this woman almost every week and I have never served her, but she has obviously had a conversation with me or heard me say something to her or heard something indirectly that must have really offended her.

I just made me realise, you have to present yourself and conduct yourself in a way that is appropriate, i’m not saying don’t be yourself, but if your self is rude and uncaring to other people’s views, you have to be responsible for your actions. The society we live in now is so diverse, there are so many different cultures, lifestyles and stories around us that we have to be considerate of what we do in public areas, we have to understand that not everyone has the same upbringing or lifestyle as ourselves, the way we talk or even walk can be interpreted in many different ways by different people. i’m proud to say in a Christian and I think God sent this lady into my life to remind me of how I conduct myself in public, sometimes I fall short and forget myself, but this was definitely a knock on the head, I will never to forget the person I once was or the person I want to be.

I learnt my lesson boy, trust, you never know who’s watching you…

Naa Adoley

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