Good Girl Gone Bad?


I’ve come across numerous clip online about celebrities being possessed by evil spirits and processes are being illustrated to us through their music video. You may of heard me mention the Beyonce/Sacha Fierce scenario, but I’ve now come across one on Rihanna. After watching “The Truth About Hip-Hop” DVD I kinda took a new look into what type of music I listened to and how that defined me. Personally, im not insecure to the level that I feel I have to do what an artist tells me in their music, or try and live up to the lifestyle they portray in the media so I took into consideration what was being said but I didnt react frantically about it. There were many mixed views about that DVD also, someone told me it was probably some sold out Pastor still trying to make a buck, but hey, each to their own. Now I have been exposed to this Rihanna DVD and I dunno if im starting to get worried or what, but it really is food for thought…

Well please, watch the clips below and let me know what you think…

Beyonce/Sacha Fierce Possession

Rihanna – Umbrella Secret Message


    • Ivy
    • October 23rd, 2009

    If you really pay attention to what it says in the preaching, he mentioned a scientific research on music by Dr. Roy H. William, not a theology research, a SCIENTIFIC research. To explain the result as short as possible, we have the left & the right brain. The left brain is our skeptic side. When you hear people talk, it gets processed by the left brain then you decide whether to take it in or not. But like you heard in the DVD, music is the only thing that goes through both hemispheres of the brain without us even knowing. So you can’t really say “I’m not gonna do what the artist tell me” or the usual “I’m just listening to the music, not the words”, because when it comes to music, it goes STRAIGHT to the right brain. The right brain is so brilliant that it automatically accept & memorizes all the messages contained in the music, including the backwards & hidden ones. After that, what the right brain has received get transferred to the left brain, hence the change in the behavior, perspectives & beliefs.

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