I’m Still Crawling…

The other day I was entertaining my Godson (Jojo) and his mother, we were deep in conversation about life; the tidal waves it pushes towards you and the life jackets it blesses you with. She enlightened me about her hardships and maybe how her future may be reflecting her past. As she spoke I could help but glance at Jojo, who, now at the ages of eight and a half months old was still finding it a bit of a challenge to crawl. That instance then got me thinking = “crawling”, according to the Oxford dictionary means “moving along, very slowly” or “a very slow rate of movement”.

I realised, as Kingdom Citizens, we have to learn to crawl, we have to learn to be patient and move slow, there has been many times when, for example, I have wondered why I’m facing so many hardships whereas the sister sitting beside me is forever being blessed. I’ve realised that, I am still crawling, I’m still moving slowly to where I need to be spiritually, where I need to be physically and towards my purpose. We learn that life in abundance is a journey which we all have to endure, its full of experiences, but The Bible tells teaches us that focus on God is the only strategy we need to adopt to pull us through, just like Jojo staying focused on the toy on the other side of the room, this focus is what drives us, what motivates us, what encourages us, its our ultimate source of energy in any situation.

Crawling, is a method which teaches Jojo’s how to balance and handle its own weight, it also encourages movement and strengthens his arms and legs. Crawling as Kingdom Citizens gears us for eternity; we learn to balance and eliminate fleshy desires within our spiritual being, we learn to handle weighty situations which weighs us down and causes us to lose our balance and focus, we are encouraged to be active in and for our Kingdom and strengthens our spiritual being; it illustrates the true glory of God, increases our spiritual knowledge and prepares us for Him!

I came across another definition of crawling which just hit the nail on the head. Crawling = “Behaving in a servile way to win someone’s favour”. Servile = “Excessively willing to serve for someone”. AMAZING! For real, we are crawling because we have a focus and a goal, but at the same time we are serving God, for God.

I Am Still Crawling. Amen.

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